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Working Out With Cats Kiki and Koko

Having cats means that they are everywhere you go and everything you own is theirs. I no longer consider our furniture ours, but see it as Kiki’s and Koko’s scratching posts. No matter how many times we stop them and put their paws on their actual posts, it still does not matter. Somehow the couch is better. The same goes with anything else that we own such as my yoga mat or workout chair. I recently started doing P90X because I gained a lot of weight over the winter and have no endurance or strength. I mean it is hard for me to go up and down a pair of steps and I think that is the reason I even tell myself not to go and take a walk outside. We live a block away from a farmers market but I dread going outside, that’s how bad I have become. Anyways, as I’ve started my P90X journey as they call it, so have Kiki and Koko started sniffing and walking around me. If I’m doing a plank, they try to squeeze under me and I have to make sure they are not around where I can accidentally hurt them. They are just so nosy and can’t stop their curiosity from getting the best of them.

I took these pictures after my workout and no my yoga mat is not dirty it just looks like that because it has become their new scratching post. I will probably be purchasing a new yoga mat in no time at all due to my amazing cats.