Where We Get Our Cat Supplies

pet fountainOur new cat friend has an online store that we use in order to get all of our goodies. If you go to Cat Toys and Supplies you’ll be able to find everything you need for your little companions. From Beds and Furniture to water fountains, the site has everything our girls need. If I can’t find it, I use the search toolbar instead.

Recently we ordered the Pioneer water fountain which has been amazing! I love it because it’s easy to clean and it makes virtually no sound! The girls love it too and are still seen together by the fountain drinking their water. I love it when they drink water, especially when they do it together! As much as I liked their Pet Safe water fountain, it was made out of plastic and it was hard to reach and clean some of the corners. This stainless steel water fountain is a breeze to clean and I don’t need to be scrubbing and soaking the dish for half an hour. I highly recommend going over to the site and ordering your cats a new water fountain. You’ll love it as much as I do!

Since the website is affiliated with Amazon everything is processed through them. I get to use my Prime membership and get the cat supplies within three days. The last time we went to a pet store was…I honestly don’t remember! Most likely a year ago when I was looking for Natural Balance duck recipe dry cat food and could not find it. This site has made it easy to search, add to cart, complete my order and ding-dong, the food is here! No more driving 30 minutes to go to a pet store that doesn’t supply the products I need or if they do have it, it’s overpriced. Thank you Cat Toys and Supplies for being so convenient!


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