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Water Time For Kittens

Kiki and Koko both have learned to drink water from our cups and it’s a horrible habit now. The minute Kiki sees a cup in our hands she runs for it and we of course have to oblige and give her the cup. Kiki will place her full head into the cup and drink away but know since she is older and bigger, her ears stick out white she chugs down the water. Koko on the other hand is a little weird. Since the first day we brought Kiki and Koko into our home, Koko has a horrible habit of drinking water. When she drinks she runs with her paws. It’s as if she thinks she is drowning or maybe wants her space to be clean when she drinks water. When she is drinking her water from the cup, she still reaches out her paw into the air and it swimming away. I wonder if other cats do this?

So this is Kiki being bad or smart, depends on how you see it. She knocked over the cup of water and drank whatever was left in it.

Koko did not want to be left out and decided to join her sister and drink some water, her way of course.

This is Koko drinking her share of the water, her way! As you can see the table cloth is in her paws are she is running and trying to drink her water. I really don’t know how to explain this action of hers.

So I picked up the cup to see what she would do next and instead of knocking it over she went to the other side of the table and moved the table cloth away. She did her signature move; digging/swimming away and moving everything out of her way.

Quiet Cats

So I was washing the dishes and realized that there were no cats around me. I looked around in the living room and on the

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