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Stray Kitten In NYC Pictures

We went back to feed the stray cats today and only were greeted by one familiar kitten. As we were approaching the gate there was not a kitten in site and then out of the blue I saw the little colorful kitten,not sure if she would be considered a tabby, but she came running towards us. She was so excited she stuck her head under the cage and right into my bag of Nutro Natural Choice dry food. It made my day! There was a head of a fish on a plate and she did not want to touch it as well as some white fish-shaped cookies. It was a good thing we came. If we continue to give them plenty of Nutro Natural Choice food, they will end up with beautiful fur like Kiki and Koko. This is the part where the kitten saw the fish head in the plate. It went over, smelled it, and walked away. I’m not so happy with raw fish on a cat’s plate especially if it stays overnight or in the heat…As the kitty went back to eating our food, the ‘mama’ looking cat passed by us and under the fence it went. It did not stay to have any food and it did not look back. We almost left before I realized that I had a bag of Whiska’s wet food and I made some room on the plastic container for it. The kitty was so excited it went for it right away!Yummy, yummy in its tummy! I left happy, knowing that the kitty ate good and was happy with our food. We will definitely continue to do this for our neighborhood cats.