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Sisterly Love Cat Pictures

Kiki and Koko are twins, they may look and act completely different but they are twins. They have the same mother and father so it is no wonder sometimes they sleep and act exactly the same. I was watching the television and Kiki jumped on the corner of the couch. Not even a minute flew by, Koko came and joined us. They faced one another and started licking each others heads. It was a cute sistely moment and it is something that I love to see. I love it that they have each other and that they can take care of each other, even a small gesture like licking each others head makes me awe.

It was a little dark in the house and I had to put on the flash to capture the moment. Well neither cat liked this…at all.

I took off the flash but the pictures came out blurry since they were moving and busy cleaning one another.

I had to take one last picture of them like this with flash on before leaving them alone to sleep. They are definitely sisters!

Koko Takes Over

Koko has a way of making everything hers… I guess in some way she has the right. We can’t eat in the kitchen table because

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