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Sick Franky, the Kitten

A few months ago when Jenny and I went to feed Franky and Buddy in the backyard, Franky did not want to eat. He was just sitting there looking at Buddy. He took one pebble of the Nutro food and walked away. At that moment, I just thought he was tired and not hungry. The next day we went to feed the kittens again and still Franky did not want to eat. He looked so weak and I felt horrible. After leaving the kittens, I went online and wrote Franky’s simptoms and it turned out that he had roundworms! I went to the local Pet Store and bought him Hartz Ultra Guard Rid Worm Paste for five dollars and went back home. When I came to the backyard, Franky was laying on top of a cap and Buddy was near him looking over.

I walked up to Franky and gave him a small amount of the paste in his mouth. He did not like it but could not fight me and swallow it instead. The whole day, I kept peeking out the window to see if he was okay and to my surprise he was starting to walk around. The next day I was happy to see him almost fully recovered and slowly eating the food. The fallowing day he looked like nothing happened and it’s all because of this small little tube! Five dollars well spent!

I was so glad that I was able to help him because he is such a cute kitty and deserves the best. Now, a few months later I am happy to report that a neighboring girl took Franky to her home and that Buddy also has a new home. While the kitties are apart they both have new homes where they will be safe and have plenty of delicious cat food.