Scratch Post

Since we’ve had Kiki and Koko we have tried everything possible for them to have and to scratch. The first week with us in a new home was strange for them and they were afraid to jump on the leather sofas. After a week, well, it was over. They were using the sofa as their playground and their scratch post. We bought them a huge box house scratcher that they used to play with but not necessarily to scratch their nails. We bought cat nip spray and would spray the whole box house down, but even that did not help. The leather sofa became their scratching post and I wanted to cry. The sofas did not stand a chance with two little spoiled kittens. I have tried spraying the sofas with lemon spray, used double stick tape which they managed to chew off and tape of the couch.  Recently I became braver and have started cutting their nails but it is no use, the damage is done and the sofas are not going to be the same. I love our two little girls, and I know that they don’t mean anything by scratching the barly two year old couch but it’s just sad. I bought covers to go over the two pieces but they did not fit over our couch make. Oh well. Even though the scratching post is near by, both Kiki and Koko prefer our leather sofas.

Right now, I have placed tape over the scratch wholes and torned up pieces to help me not look at the couch. It also prevents the cats from eating little pieces of the leather.

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