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Sajo the Cat on Window Sill

Safet the cat really loves to go outside in the backyard but since his sugary he has been in kept safe in the house. He received a nice bath and was sparkling clean. We were sitting in the backyard having a barbecue when he poped up behind us on the window sill and started meowing. He really wanted to be outside in the dirt and running after the birds but it was no use he was stuck inside the house and he has to learn to like it.He looked so sad just sitting there waiting for us to open up the door. Instead, we opened up the window screen a little and let him have some fresh air. I think this only made him want to go outside even more.He destroyed the window screen pocking at it with his nails and trying to escape. He is so darn cute that it was hard to say no to him but we had to.