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Sajo Cat Playing Outside Pictures

Safet is Kiki and Koko’s brother that lives with my mother and is not trying to be an indoor cat. He had the freedom to go out all the time but now she keeps him locked in. We were in the backyard and he kept on meowing that she let him go out. The first thing he did was run to the fence and jump over. He loves to go to the neighbor’s backyard because there is a big tree there with a lot of birds that he loves to chase around. The neighbor across from my mother’s house has a dog now which prevents Sajo from going anywhere too far. He is actually afraid of the dog like most cats should be. A cat passed by and instead of running after her, he just looked from the corner of the fence. We all thought it was Hana for a second but it was too small to be Sajo’s mother. After seeing that the cat wasn’t coming back, Sajo went back to looking at birds. Eventually we took him in after a few well deserved minutes of being outside.