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Safet Cat on Chair Picture

When Hana lived with my mother, she would love to jump on one of the money chairs and sit. We never saw her as a cat but like a human. She did not give you the vibe of a cat at all. She ate with her paws and she was so gentile and friendly.


She was such a beauty!

This picture is just plain adorable in my opinion. Now that Hana is gone, Safet (Sajo) has taken her place and he fallows the tradition of being on the money chair. He is not like his mother and is just a sweet little cat. He does not sit on the chair but sleeps and this is one of the ways in which he uses the chair.


Even though Sajo is nothing like his mom, he is sweet, lets you pet him, rub his stomach and does not bite or scratch. He is a boy and much better trained then my two spoiled cats, Kiki and Koko.