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Quiet Cats

So I was washing the dishes and realized that there were no cats around me. I looked around in the living room and on the windows and found no cat. So I decided to take my camera and see where these two little girls have gone off to to take a nap. I found Kiki in the second hallway laying down with her cute little paws stretched in front of her. Then I went to the third bedroom and found Koko on the window. The minute I pushed the draped out of the way she woke up and rolled over looking at me with the cutest little eyes. Well her eyes are big like mine, but she is just so darn cute!

Kiki taking a little nap in the dark hallway.

Kiki And Her Toy

Kiki and Koko both have a lot of toys yet Kiki is the one always finding ways to play with them. Koko will once in

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