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Picky Eater Kiki

I know that we humans are picky but I did not expect my kittens to be as picky as us. So far we have tried quite a few different brand name products for dry and wet food and we are down to a few they really love. In the morning we give them their teeth treats and dry food with plenty of water which Koko just loves to spill all over the kitchen parquet floor. In the afternoon I like to give them wet food and as much as they like Whiskas I decided to give them “Granny’s Pot Pie” instead. I walked away after putting the food in their dishes and walked away but when I was back…well the picture says it all. It was easy to see which dish belonged to which cat because after all they are our pets.

The dish on the left is Koko’s who ate most of her food and at least half of the carrots. The dish on the right is Kiki’s of course who licked around the carrots and the peas. Is she afraid of vegetables? I thought it was a onetime thing but later on I gave them wet food again and placed some dry food over the wet food and I got the same results: Kiki is a picky eater! Who knew that even little kittens are afraid of vegetables…it’s a marvelous discovery.