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Petting Color Kitten Pictures

Today was a great day for me and Jenny. We went to feed the kittens and at first there was not a cat in sight but once I shook the bag of Nutro food Color came running. Right away I noticed something was wrong and we later saw a lot of puss by its eyes. I will bring cat eye whips tomorrow and try to clean it up if Color lets me.Then the little black kitten ‘Blacky’ came but did not eat. Instead it went under the fence and on top of the cardboard where the sun was beaming.I know how good the sun can feel especially when you are cold. I’m glad they are so smart as all cats are and know what to do to get warm.Next thing we know the white and black cat, ‘Sweetheart’ came running towards the plate to join Color and eat.Jenny gave the cat its name, Sweetheart and I guess she is sweet just a little shy at times.When I thought that was it for the cats, Lazy, the orange cat, joined us and he and Blacky then ate together. It was amazing because Lazy NEVER eats whenever we are there unless this is a totally different cat but it can’t be. It just made my day.While I was taking pictures of the cats, Jenny was petting Color. He/she fully let Jenny pet it.It must have made her day. I wanted to see if it would let me pet it and guess what, it did!This was probably one of the best days going to feed the stray cats. We just loved it!