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PETCO Goodies for Cats

We love Nutro Natural Choice and went to their website and signed up for their coupons and rewards. Right away I was able to print a four dollar off coupon for Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Active Health Dry Food. This was perfect since we are running low on their huge bag of dry food. We went to PETCO at Howard Beach as usual and came home with a lot of food. We spent about 100 dollars but all worth it. We bought cat wipes, which the cats hate but I still use on them, and scissors to cut their nails. We came home, lined up the selection of pet food and the girls were excited. Kiki more then Koko, so this is her story.

This is just some of the food products we bought, the big bag of dry food was opened and placed in the new container. You can see that the Pet Greens and the Pet Naturals bags are open because we came home and gave them a try. Koko did not like the new flavor, roasted chicken of the Pet Greens but she did like the vitamins.

This is a picture of Kiki inspecting the food, making sure that everything is good and healthy with no meat-by-products and only good flavors.

I guess this is Kiki’s was of approving the food selection. We did a good job, I hope! We will see what happens as we go on and try these new cans. We have already tried the Wellness green pouch and I guess they were not too hungry so they did not eat much of it. Next time I will wait for them to play and be a little more hungry.

Kiki And Her Toy

Kiki and Koko both have a lot of toys yet Kiki is the one always finding ways to play with them. Koko will once in

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