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Our Favorite Cat Toys

When you have multiple cats you get multiple personalities. We have two indoor cats and five outdoor TNR cats. They are so very unique and melt my heart every time I see them. When it comes to our indoor cats, they are lazy and love to sleep and eat. What cat doesn’t? Every day, I try to make sure to play with them before bedtime, otherwise I’ll be up at 2am, like I was last night. When it comes to toys, they both have their favorite cat toys that they play with and prefer.

Best Cat Toys

If you’re a cat owner and don’t have a catnip banana, are you living under a rock? I don’t think there’s one cat out there that will deny that yellow banana. At least, I haven’t seen one. As for my cats, they have at least three of them. Two are well used up and one is new, a Meowy Christmas present from our Secret Santa Claws. (That feels so long time ago and before we know it, the holiday season will be back!) Anyway, the catnip banana is something both of my cats love. They usually fight over the banana that they find and then we break it up and give them the second and third one. Happy cats, happy life.

As far as toys go, the catnip banana is probably one of the toys that they both love. They also love catnip mice toys with rattle. For Kiki, she will try to catch it while Koko will jump on the tree and wait to swat at it as I throw it her way. And this is where their toy preferences end.

Kiki loves birdies and feather toys. It’s the only way I can get her to jump and move her chubby little self. She was doing it at 2am last night and enjoyed herself while I was half asleep.

Koko, on the other hand, hates feather or birdie toys. She hides under the dining room table and tries to get away from it and any interaction with them. Just the way she did when she was a kitten. She prefers the laser pointer toys instead. Besides her morning routine when she has to use the litter box, this is the only time she will run and play. She will chase the laser around and around until we both get tired. I’m just glad that I’m able to tell what their favorite cat toys are and get them moving.

Cat Toys Cleaning Tips

Like everything else in your home, cat toys will get cat hair all over them. I like to use the lint roller or the cat brush to get rid of the hair. I will also hand wash the toys once in a blue moon with baking soda and vinegar. Then I let them air dry. My cats love it when I use bleach in the house but I avoid it for their toys since they will be putting them in their mouths. Plus, we don’t believe that you should drink bleach to kill COVID-19.

I keep all of their toys in one of the cubes in a cat house stand. They can easily go to the place and sniff out any toy they want. It’s also pretty much my “cats’ toy box”. This is where we hide all the toys when company comes over.

I should also mentions that they also love the cat tunnel and play with it daily. It’s usually to scare one another or just run through it really fast. And of course they love their boxes and can’t have enough of boxes. So do cat’s really need toys or would they be happy with a box and a piece of paper? Well, they have options in this house.

The TNR cats are not fully feral but they are also not even close to being indoor cats. They only let me touch them from the door frame and run away when I go outside. We’re still working on that. I do try to play with them and have given them plush toys, spring toys and feather toy. Two out of the five will play but they lose interest really fast. Who needs cat toys when the outdoors is full of live mice, frogs, snakes, squirrels, chipmunks and birdies, which keep your active?

What are your cat’s favorite cat toys?

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