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NYC Kitties

Tonight we went back to the same spot under the train tracks to feed our kitties. We went a little earlier so there were not as many cats as before but still plenty; four to be exact. The small black one with white on her chin was there and so was the crazy mixed one. There was one full gray cat that I did not get a chance to take a picture of and a grayish one like Kiki. The orange cat was not there and I was a little disappointed. This time the cats did not have any food so good thing we came. We gave them our cats dry food Neutro Natural Choice. The colorful cat let me pet her again, just a little. Maybe if we become good friends I can take her to the Humane society and get it spayed or neutered. I’ve been referring to all cats in a feminine way so I’m sorry if I have offended any male cat owners. These are just a few pictured I managed to take because I was too busy awing and being sad and excited at the same time.

She is so cute!

She did not get a chance to eat much and ran after the other fully gray cat.

Yummy in her tummy! She was really hungry and pushed me away so she could eat, hence the dropped pebbles on the ground.

Who would not want to take her home?!

Tomorrow I will try to take better pictures. You need to see them fully with their beautiful sparkly eyes.

Feeding NYC Kittens

So tonight we went back to feed the little kittens and oh my goodness! There were six beyond adorable kitties and they were all different!

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