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NYC Kitten

My husband and I decided to take a nice walk around the neighborhood and as we were coming back we spotted a tiny Koko look-a-like. She was just so sweet and beautiful! She had a small patch of white on her neck and there were no other kittens or cats around. There were two plates of rain water by the chained gate and we could not help but feed horrible for the poor lad. If we had a house of our own we would have taken her home with us. We stood there for a while before leaving her and going in search of food. We stopped at a corner deli and could only find Friskie’s canned food and Fancy Feast. Both of these cans have meat-by-product and we do not give our cats any of these products. Since this was all that was on the shell we bought a large can of Friskie’s chicken formula and went back to the spot where we found our little friend. I took a bag and tried to clean the plate with it and wash it off with the rain water before dropping in the food. The little beauty could not wait to come and chow down! We stood there happily at her as she ate her food contently. We have decided that every day we will go there and leave some food. I think from now on I will have a bag of dry cat food with me at all times, just in case.

NYC Kitties

Tonight we went back to the same spot under the train tracks to feed our kitties. We went a little earlier so there were not

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