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New Toys for Cats

Kiki more then Koko has managed to destroy a lot of toys over a year making it hard for her to keep anything in descent shape. We went shopping and decided it was time to throw away two of their toys, a blue and baige mouse, and give them more mice and teeth toys to play with. This used to be a nice little mouse but sadly it is in the trash now with the other blue mouse friend. This is one of their new toys that Koko loved kicking around and well is gone now. I’m sure I will find it soon enough.Kiki liked this toy but she loved the small mouse toys better. She managed to loose all three under the couch. I kicked them out this morning, and she was going crazy. Right now, who knows where they are. Koko really enjoyed this toy for about 15 minutes since she managed to kick it under the couch as well. Well, that’s why toys are for to be played with and lost under the couch.This is Kiki with her new mouse toy. I can honestly say I have not seen it since I took that picture. Ah, our girls are so spoiled they have no idea how good they have it.