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New Toy For Cats Pictures

We went to PETCO again and used our 10 dollars from Nutro and it was well needed. I bought some extra wet food for the stray cats and we of course could not help ourselves and not get a new toy for them. Kiki and Koko have plenty of toys but they always loose them or lose interest in them fast yet we still buy them more toys. I know, it’s bad but we cant stop ourselves. Kiki is definetly more into the toy then Koko but Koko likes to attack it when Kiki is playing with it. I guess she doesn’t like to be left out. I’m not sure I like this toy since there is a bell inside and each time they hit it, it makes a sound. It is still better then a non stop squeaky mouse toy. When I can’t play with them I just place the stick in between the couch side and let her play with it by herself. Koko would come over once in a while and sniff at it, hit it a few times and leave. Kiki on the other hand, really loves things with sound but they both love the feather and soon, very soon, they will probably yank it out. P.S. I feel horrible for our couch but the damage is done, can’t go back now.

Koko In a Bag!

Kiki and Koko both love bags and boxes and whenever we go shopping and bring anything that they can either jump into or carry around,

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