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New Tiny Kittens Family

Since Franky and Buddy are gone I through we would not see kittens for a while, but I was wrong. Shortly after, new kittens emerged from the bushes and they are absolutely adorable! There are four of them, playing and jumping, chasing one another every day but they run when I go outside to feed them. I was able to take one good picture of them from my kitchen window that I can share with you all.

Hopefully they will get more comfortable with me and allow me to take some great pictures of them. So far I did not give them any names, but soon, I’m sure I will!

Kiki in Shredder

So I decided that it was time to shred some bills we have been collecting for two years now. When I plugged in the shredded

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Koko In Hamper

Koko is a very bright cat but she does like to play with weird things. Whenever I do laundry I know now that I should

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