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New Kittens Under M Train

Today was a very sad and exciting day. Jenny and I went to feed the kittens and when we go there we were greeted my Color, Sweetheart and four adorable little kittens! I just wanted to cry. They were beyond adorable and they all deserve a loving home. Two of them are black with white chins, one is orange and the last one is black and white. Color was in the backyard of the house with her new orange kitten that she did not budge away from. When this black and white cat passed by Color right away came to the kittens defense and fought it off. Maybe its the father or maybe just a stray cat that looks like one of the kittens. Eventually they all went to Color’s side and played under the chair. Meanwhile Sweetheart was in the corner of the fence the whole time just sitting there. I think she is probably sick and I just don’t want to think about that. I really don’t know what to do about all these kittens and cats. It would be sad to separate them but they deserve lovely families and warm homes of their own.

Scratch Post

Since we’ve had Kiki and Koko we have tried everything possible for them to have and to scratch. The first week with us in a

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NYC Kitten

My husband and I decided to take a nice walk around the neighborhood and as we were coming back we spotted a tiny Koko look-a-like.

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