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New Cat Family Pictures

So Jenny and I went to feed the cats and the kittens and were really hoping to see the kittens again. When we came, ‘Blacky’ was there and so was ‘Handsome’ (the gray kitten). I gave them one pack of Whiska’s wet food and on the other side I placed Nutro Natural Choice. They sure loved the wet food.Handsome sure is handsome! Then Sweetheart came but she was hurt! She was walking on three paws and had her left front paw bend. She always managed to get hurt. Then our of nowhere color came to eat. Lazy, the orange cat, was in the background tanning when the cute little orange kitten came out. I guess he could be daddy number two. Lazy is also a handsome cat. Wish someone would just take them all to nice homes. So many cats that deserve loving homes. Finally one of the black kittens came out and tried to eat but any sudden move or sound and it ran for its dear life.