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More Stray Cats To Feed Pictures

In the yard next to us, there are always stray cats that sleep and wait for someone to throw them some food. I am that someone along with other neighbors that live in that building. Unlike the M Train cats and kittens who come close to us, these run as fast as they can so whenever I come and leave them food they run away from me instead of towards me. I went in the yard the other day and saw these three cats. The white and black cat heard us first, got up and ran for its dear life. The black cat just watched while the tabby got up from its spot and backed away. That’s when I saw that its right eye was beyond repair. It was HUGE and it looked like it had popped out. In the picture it is hard to see the damage but it is there. I will try to do my best to befriend them more and take better pictures. For now, I’ll do what I have been doing since day one when we moved in here and that is feed them.

Koko In Hamper

Koko is a very bright cat but she does like to play with weird things. Whenever I do laundry I know now that I should

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cats playing

Our Favorite Cat Toys

When you have multiple cats you get multiple personalities. We have two indoor cats and five outdoor TNR cats. They are so very unique and

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