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M Train Kittens Pictures

We went back to feed our stray NYC cats and kittens and we bumped into our little black kitten on the way. It saw us and right away she/he walked back towards the gate where the food is. The eye still looks horrible but the poor thing will not come near me. I’m thinking that another cat might have poked it in the eye because the eye is a little red-ish. What do you think it is and what should I do? I really don’t like to see the poor thing hurt.
When we got to the gate, there was some dry food for the cats and this time it was not smothered in water. Even so, the two kittens that were there did not seem interested. Once I placed the Nutro Choice dry food on the plate they came running to eat. As they were eating and I was in awe, another cat passed by us and went to the other side. I took a fast picture and I think it is probably the mother cat of the two kittens. The mix is so cute, that it looks like she is wearing a black jacket over her white fur. There are so many cats at this alley that it is so hard to keep track. One positive is that there is a pizza place and a subway on the other side where they probably get plenty of leftovers.

Kiki and the Bathtub

Kiki and Koko both have their ‘weird’ or unusual preferences. Recently, Kiki has been getting braver and will come into the bathroom and look over

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Feeding NYC Kittens

So tonight we went back to feed the little kittens and oh my goodness! There were six beyond adorable kitties and they were all different!

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