Koko, the Art Critic

Koko is a very bright cat and she knows what she likes and doesn’t. Whenever I am trying to do some art work in my room, she isn’t too far away trying to take a peek or, well, sleep on it. Kiki is very curious too but she lays down next to me and tried to take my pencil from me or put her paw into my paint. Koko is more calm to show her artistic side, by actually laying down on top of my work. She is so curios and I sweat I think she would love to do some artwork of her own. After I finished Picasso’s Three Musicians, I rubbed some charcoal for the background and let them have a go at it. Their paws are now part of my artwork.

Koko fallowing my every move.

I guess Koko was not too happy about the way this picture was going.

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