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Koko Takes Over

Koko has a way of making everything hers… I guess in some way she has the right. We can’t eat in the kitchen table because that is her spot to nap. We cant place a cup of water on the living room table because she likes to stretch herself and kick everything off that is in her way. She makes everything hers and so does Kiki but Koko really likes to take any spot that is my own. I have a computer chair in my room that she has completely destroyed and taken over. I would usually be on the chair typing away while she jumps on the back of it and sleeps on top of the side. Lately I can’t even get up to get a cup of water she would right away jump down on the sit and take her millionth nap. This morning that is exactly what happened. I found her on my chair and to get her off I went to the kitchen to give them snacks. Of course she knew and came running to the kitchen. After snack time I went back to my room and got to work. This did not suit Koko and she lay down next to my chair very closely. I got up to see what Kiki was meowing about and when I came well..the proof is in the picture.

She did not let one full minute pass by without taking over. Good thing that there is another office room in the apartment. Otherwise, I would have to get the hard wooded kitchen chair in like old times and let her sleep on my comfy computer chair.