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Koko on Top of Recliner

I just love the way our cats are so comfortable and human like. The way they fold their hands, the way the look at you, the way they walk, just everything about them is so human like. Kiki definately knows how to speak and ask for what she wants but Koko is quiet and more reserved. She will bite you and not leg go if you pat her on the back or play with her tail. She doesn’t approve of that very much. I was in the office and she jumped on top of the recliner and just ‘chilled’. The way she stretched out her hands and held her head made me think of a real lady. It almost looks like she is saying ‘ok pamper me, do my nails woman!’

This recliner used to be Kiki and Koko’s hiding spot when they moved in with us. They would go under the recliner and would not come out until they were thirsty or hungry. We still have the box that we brought them in and on occasions they would play with it. Right now they have outgrown the comfort of the recliner but that does not stop them from trying to go under! We had to place weight circles, bags, even the bed cover that you see in the background so that they would not go under the recliner. I guess they still find some comfort in the thing but it is time to move on to bigger and better things girls.

Feeding Queens Kittens

Just came back from another walk feeding the stray kitties. This time there were only two but it still felt great feeding them. There was

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