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Koko Kitten Spills Water

Since Kiki and Koko moved in with us at two months old we let them take over us in every way possible. Even though they have the same water we have in our cups, they still run after us when we have a cup in hand. One day I was in my room on the computer and of course had a cup of water by my side. Koko jumped on the computer and tried to drink it so I placed it on the ground next to my chair. Bad move! She knocked the cup of water as fast as she could and next thing I knew I had camera in my hands and she was licking away. Shortly of course her sister Kiki joined in and had a sip of water as well, from the floor. My two small trouble makers are now two big trouble makers. They still love to run after us when we have a cup in our hands and of course it is hard to say no to them.