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Koko Cat Inside the Kitchen Cabinet

Kiki and Koko love to go to places where they really should stay away from. The kitchen is the place they really love to explore and without our permission of course. Usually when we watch the television in the living room, we would hear a little thud here and there and we immediately know that someone is on top of the fridge, inside the flower plant, or on top of the oven. Lately, Koko has been all over the place and recently I found her inside the cabinets over the fridge. The cabinet door was closed and there is heavy plate that I placed so that they would not be able to open the door. When I walked into the kitchen, she managed to move the plate out of her way and was walking all over inside the cabinets. So I got her out and placed a vase and a box on top of the fridge so she would not be able to open the door again. The next day I went to the kitchen and took out a plate for my food and for some odd reason I did not close the door all the way. Next thing I know, I head a little sound and see Kiki looking up at the cabinet door over the sink. And what do I find next, Koko of course, exploring the other side of the kitchen.

My little trouble maker…How she always likes to surprise me.

I had to snap a few pictures before I got her out of the cabinet, which she really was not too happy to be out off.

I understand that cats love to explore and be on high-grounds but I really do not want to have her get hurt. What if she broke a glass cup and got really hurt? My Koko, have to love her from head to toe but she worries me with her little explorations. I just have to make sure to close the cabinet doors each time, all the way!!