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Kittens Under the M Train

Went back today to feed the stray cats under the M train line. There were only two today and they had a lot of food. Someone placed a huge plate of dry food and soaked it up in water. It was just staying there. I wouldn’t want to eat it why would cats? There was also a full plate of wet pate food and the two kittens were eating that. This time I bought a bag of Nutro Natural Choice dry food and a can of Science Diet Culinary Creations: Roasted Beef in Gravy. Once I placed it in the blue plastic container the white and black came right away to munch down.
The two kittens were eating this dry,wet food before we came to the rescue with something better.
I poured the container of Science Diet wet food and the white-and-black kitten came right away. She knows what’s good for her.
The small black kitten was still eating her wet food. I placed the plastic container in front of her and right away she munched on some good and healthy wet food. The black and white cat joined in with her. I forgot to take a picture of it but trust me, they were both eating!