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Kittens Sharing Food Pictures

So, cousin Jenny and I went to feed the cats and when we got there three cats showed up. Color, the gray one, and the orange one came out of the box. I bought a small bowl just in case there were no plates and it was a good thing I did. The one thing I did forget was my camera. We went back home got more food and went back. This time I also brought a plastic plate to place the wet food on and then cover it with kitten Nutro Choice pebbles.This time the gray kitten, white and black, and the black tiny kitten where there. They were ready to eat and willing to share.This gray kitten really knows how to pose for a picture.At first, only the black and the black and white kitten were eating while the gray one watched but soon joined them.I took a picture of Jenny taking a picture of the white and black cat.When we were leaving they were still eating. I think ‘Color’ ate all the previous dry food but it missed out on some good wet food as well.