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Kittens In Litter Box Pictures

When we got Kiki and Koko home, it was on June 10, 2010. They were so small and innocent looking but not innocent at all. A few days later I was cleaning the litter box and when I came back into the room I found Kiki and Koko trying to sleep in the litter. I did not even have a chance to put the top part of the plastic box before they could go in there and get all the sand out. Maybe it was just too hot for them and they needed to cool down. They looked very comfortable in there but it was not a place for kittens to sleep. I took them out of the litter box and wiped them down which they hate of course and never have done it since. I guess that’s why they get mad at me when I run after them with cat wipes before bed time.

Picky Eater Kiki

I know that we humans are picky but I did not expect my kittens to be as picky as us. So far we have tried

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