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Kittens Hate Pillows Pictures

When we brought Kiki and Koko to their new home, they ran for cover and they found it under out recliner of all places. We tried to get them from going under there but it was useless. We always had to make sure that no one sat on the recliner since it also rocked and that they were not stuck under there. We even places a blanket under so that they could be more comfortable. Then we went to PETCO and bought two little pillows for them that they did not like at all! We would place their toys on them and try to play with them over the pillows but they would not have it. They were so cute and we should have knows from that day on how spoiled they were going to be. I eventually tried to cover the pillows with a pillow case and they actually went inside. They were so small that both of them fit in on pillow! They did not use the pillows to long and we still have them as new as they came from the day we bought them. Maybe I just need to buy them their own pillow case and see if they will start using them. They will be getting a cat tree today so maybe ill place it on top of the tree and see what happens.