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Kittens Friend Ferret Bananas Picture

Kiki and Koko are very lucky to be living with us and have such a big family. In February, Kiki and Koko had a visitor that they did not how to react to, well expect be scared. My husband’s cousin’s fiance has a ferret, Bananas, and she bought it over because she heard that cats and ferrets get along. Little did she know that our Kiki and Koko are big scary cats! They are afraid of a baby now imagine another tiny animal that crawls. Bananas was really adorable and like a tiny baby that wanted to explore. I recorded a little video where you see Kiki fallowing the ferret and then backing off when the ferret starts heading for her. I think Kiki and Koko need to hand out with their little friend more often so they can get used to one another. I don’t want my cats to be little chickens even though it is really cute.