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Kittens Favorite Spots For Sleeping

Kiki and Koko, like most cat, love to sleep! They either go to their favorite spots or find new ones that they don’t tell us about. Sometimes we would be ready to leave the house and can’t do it unless we make sure that they are both safe and that we did not lock them in the bathroom, closet or in one of the bedrooms. We are always double checking and even when we know they are okay and in sight it is still hard to leave. Anyways, one of Kiki’s favorite spots is in the kitty/storage room. Their litter box is there and there is a stand facing the window with a nice blue blanket over it. This is Kiki’s spot. Sometimes Koko will join her but it is mostly Kiki’s personal favorite place to nap at. Sometimes we would be calling her, and calling, and she would be too lazy to answer or get up. I think I would be too lazy to get up from this spot as well.
Koko on the other hand has many spots she loves to claim as her own, like the kitchen table, my computer chair and the shelf in my computer room. Whenever I am in my computer room, so is Koko and she jumps to her spot on the plastic shelf and sleeps on top of my books or bags. The other day she was sleeping so sweetly that when I came to hug her she twitched and puffed her tail up. I did not think she was in deep sleep at all! Sorry Koko! She is cute when she is quiet and sleeping. She is always quiet unlike her sister Kiki but Koko does know how to be bad and cause a lot of chaos. I’m going to wash this bag and put it away in the bag with other stuff for Salvation Army. I’m going to clean the shelve up and place a nice green blanket on top so that Koko can be as comfortable as Kiki sleeping in one of her favorite spots.