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Kittens Eating With Mother Hana

When the kittens were born, Hana was a really good mother. She was on them like a hawk! They had a nice little basket where she could lay down and feed them in but Hana wanted more protection for her litter. She used to take them all and stick them in my brother’s closet where there was no light and they were safe from other humans. As always, mothers know best for their kids.This is a picture of baby Kiki and one of her siblings. We would like to think it was Koko but since we can’t see her little mohawk it could be any one of the three black kitties. Mother Hana was always close by looking out for her children and making sure they ate good and healthy. She did teach them one horrible habit, to eat with their paws. Hana was like a real human, used her paw to grab the wet food and the kittens would do the same. But, since no mama Hana around anymore, Kiki and Koko have grown out of that habit.

Let us sleep!

Kiki and Koko always come and surprise me in the cutest ways. This morning I could not sleep in the bedroom and was fussing over

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