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Kitten KiKi Loves To Jump Inside Fridge

Kiki Loves The Fridge

Kiki Kitten In Fridge

So it has been a month and the kittens are a little too comfortable with us now. They know who we are and the minute we walk in they jump on us. The problem is they know we are suckers and won’t do anything to them when they are naughty so they take full advantage. Bending down, shacking our fingers and say No doesn’t help at all. So now we have a new problem with Kiki. Every time we go to the kitchen, she fallows and the minute the fridge opens she pops in there as well. We close the door on her thinking to scare her off but nope, she just lays in there like a Queen. To prevent her from going in anymore, we have to make sure the fridge is stacked up on all the shelves otherwise this spoiled little kitten will keep on jumping in.