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Kitten Brother Sajo Pictures

Kiki and Koko have two more siblings both boys, Sajo (sa-yo) and Black Angel. Since Sajo actually lives with my mom, we are able to see him grow and take plenty of pictures when we remember to bring our camera. Sajo is also born on April 10th, 2010 and is a very nice cat. He loves to play outside, roll around in the dirt and climb the tree. He always gets a bath the minute he steps into the house and he is getting used to it. He is one of those cats that might actually like water as long as he gets to go outside. He loves to drink milk in the morning and wait up for his owners by the window. The next door neighbor has two dogs but Sajo is brave and just looks at them with wonder.This is Kiki and Koko’s brother Sajo, short for Safet. He loves to lay down by the windows like his two sisters and most cats.This is Sajo’s little walk. The flash was too strong but he is a big cat. He has a lot of muscles from climbing an outside tree and is a real boy cat!This is one of Sajo’s spots where he likes to lay down and wait for people to come to the house. It is in between the hallway and the living room.He does remind us of Koko but he definitely has a manly face.Something his sister know all too well how to do, nap!He slept in this position for about an hour. He loves this living room window and waits for by brother to come home in the morning, and mama in the afternoon. A very smart kitten.He really loves to be outside more then inside, but we want him safe and clean! Now stay put and play with your toy Sajo.He does like to get a little tummy rub and unlike his sister Koko, he does not bite or scratch when he gets bored. He just gets up and walks away. Ah, I guess he has better manners since he is the only child and Kiki and Koko just fight for attention.

Scratch Post

Since we’ve had Kiki and Koko we have tried everything possible for them to have and to scratch. The first week with us in a

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