Kiki was born on April 10, 2010 as one of the last litters. Her three siblings all came out and were cleaned up when she popped out into the world. As the last one, she was the weakest and unlike her three full black siblings she was an exotic gray cat like her mom. As the youngest and smallest sibling, she was almost an outcast in her own family. They would push her out of the huddle when it was time to eat and when she slept they would surround her and just watch. It was very sad to see this but as all of the siblings grew older and wiser, they began to share and include her into their little hut. Today Kiki is a strong and healthy kitten that loves to be bad beyond words. She loves to jump in the sink and sleep in there. She loves to climb her way to the top of the fridge and fall asleep there as well and then is terrified to get down and meows for us to help her. She is one adorable kitten and when she looks at you with her sparkly little eyes, your heart melts and wants to squeeze the living nature out of her.

Kiki on bed
Kiki is growing away and is a month short of being one year old now. She LOVES to play with her mouse toys and comes to us at least once a day if not more begging us to play with her! She drops her favorite blue mouse of the ground and meows till we oblige. She is one spoiled kitten but we love her and she is full of energy. In this photo she is whipped out from playing and had to take a nap on a real bed. She is a true princess.

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