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Kiki Kitten Under Covers Pictures

We had a guest over and even with four bedroom we did not have an extra bed to have them sleep on. The air mattress deflates by itself so that’s not very useful. So, I covered the living room sofa with sheets and a cozy blanket and left. Little did I know my Kiki was cold and decided to go under the sheets.I came into the living room saw this and went back to my room to get my camera. I had the cover all the way up and nicely folded but little Miss Kiki had to ruin it.She is a cutey pie but a troublemaker. I can’t blame her though. It is colder in the house then it is outside sometimes and I guess she was looking for warmth. Her sister Koko wasn’t far away. As a matter of face she was on the table looking at her sister and I’m sure she was wondering whether to join her or not.Sorry Koko for using flash! How else am I supposed to get a nice picture of you?

Koko In Hamper

Koko is a very bright cat but she does like to play with weird things. Whenever I do laundry I know now that I should

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