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Kiki Kitten Sniffing Pictures

Eating at home is a big challenge when you have two kittens that want to stick their paws and noses everywhere the smell takes them. Making sandwiches for work is always hard and I have to give them a piece of turkey in order for them to back away from me. Well last night we bought a box of donuts home and of course Kiki and Koko wanted to know what it was. They are so curios but unlike Koko who gave up fast, Kiki kept sniffing and looking and I know she would have loved a bite of a nice soft doughnut.The minute the box opened, Kiki had to jump on the table and inspect.I don’t think cats are allowed to eat doughnuts, maybe just a place, glazed one….Don’t worry she sniffed the chocolate doughnut and backed off. I guess she isn’t a chocolate lover like me which is good because chocolate is bad for cats! And if you are wondering where my good Koko was, well she was on the edge of the table looking at her sister Kiki.She is my good, good baby!