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Kiki Cat With Stuffed Animal

Kiki and Koko both love the living room windows because they can lay down and listen to the birds but be with us at the same time. Today Kiki did the cutest thing. By the window, there are two stuffed animals that I just keep there for decoration I guess. Kiki and Koko both took interest in one of the stuffed animals that looks like an ‘animal elf’. They have managed to rip the eye out and I was there to make sure to throw it away so they don’t eat it. Anyways, today as she was sitting on the window sill she kept sniffing her animal friend and it looked absolutely cute. This picture looks like Kiki was giving an eskimo kiss to her stuffed animal. So cute! This is a picture when Kiki heard her sister coming from the hallway. Right away Kiki wanted to protect her little friend and got scared that her sister was going to come and sniff her friend. She is just too darn cute.