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Kiki Cat Eating a Bag Pictures

Whenever we come home from shopping, I usually take everything out of the bags and make sure to put everything away before our two cats could get their paws in it. This time, a friend came over and left their shopping bag in the front hallway. This was of course a horrible idea but I wanted to see what my adorable cats would do next. First thing Kiki did was knock down the back and started sniffing the bag handles. Then she tried to chew the bag handles. I guess it must feed good on her teeth. Maybe it’s like flossing for cats? Then of course she jumped into the bag as her sister Koko came to watch and take notes. Once she got out of the bag, of course her sister Koko fallowed into the bag and tried to fit in. She was not feeling it, got out and left. Before Kiki could do more damage to the bag I grabbed it and placed it in another room and closed the door. Koko knows how to open the door but she didn’t attempt to do it for the bag. At lest Kiki had some fun with someone’s bag.

Kiki in Shredder

So I decided that it was time to shred some bills we have been collecting for two years now. When I plugged in the shredded

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