Kiki and the Bathtub

Kiki and Koko both have their ‘weird’ or unusual preferences. Recently, Kiki has been getting braver and will come into the bathroom and look over into the tub. Lately however, we can’t open the door for one second because she is in the bathroom already laying down in the tub. She goes in there and waits for me to turn on the water. She likes to look as the water runs down and will try to drink the water. When she attempts to drink the water, I turn up the nob so that the water comes out gushing more and she would jump out. She now has become even braver, and instead of running out of the bathroom, she sits on the edge of the tub and just watches the tub get filled with water. Ah, Kiki, Kiki, you are so darn cute.

2 thoughts on “Kiki and the Bathtub

  • Kiki does not mind the water, until it starts gushing out, then she just jumps up on the side of the tub and watches. Koko is beyond terrified and does not even dare come into the bathroom if the water is on. Thank you for your comment. Your cats must be adorable!

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