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Kiki and Koko’s Cat Supplies Store

Kiki and Koko are going to be two in less then a month, and they have gone through a lot of food, treats, and other cat supplies. It seemed that every month we were in the pet store purchasing something new for them whether it was new toys, treats, pet grass, and so on. We just recently realized that we get five dollars for every 100 dollars that we spend in Petco but you have to print the coupon and bring it to the store or use it online. I would have never known this if I did not order their last food online. All those times I could have saved five dollars each time and I did not even know! So, we did our research and it turns out that you can get even better deals online on other stuff like toys and grooming products somewhere else. We decided to create a store and share it with everyone who loves cats. You will find our store here at: Cat Supplies Store

Our website is dedicated to cats since we have cats and I’m sure there are plenty of other cat lovers out there as well. At our site you will find plenty of treats that all cats love, to which our Kiki and Koko are purely addicted to such as Whiskers treats and Greenies for sharp and clean teeth.



We hope you will take a look at our website and find what you are looking for your amazing and lovely cat friends!

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