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Kiki and Koko with Tea

Koko and Kiki tea

Cats are just like small curious children who want to get into anything and everything and see what will happen. I was baking and had to place the mixer on a chair in order to plug it into the wall and right away Kiki and Koko had to jump on the chair and sniff everything out. Once I placed them both on the window their focus shifted to the birds outside and they forgot about me and the mixer. When I turned on the mixer their heads jumped up and they ran out of the kitchen and into the living room. Our little scary cats! Maybe their names should be Chicken and Scared…Koko and kiki tea
When I was done with the mixer and placed my pans in the oven, I decided to make a cup of tea. I did not put away the chair the mixer was on right away and so our two kittens jumped and curiously watched the machine work its magic. I placed the tea bag into the cup and both Kiki and Koko wanted to take it out. Their paws would go to the cup but never touching the actual rim of the tea itself. I had to take a quick picture because they always amaze me at how curios they are and how scared they are of everything…

New Toys for Cats

Kiki more then Koko has managed to destroy a lot of toys over a year making it hard for her to keep anything in descent

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