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Kiki and Koko on Rugs Pictures

The fist night Kiki and Koko spent with us was in my room on my rug. We did not know the best way to let the kittens sleep and just gave them two big room to play in while we went to bed. This was a horrible mistake and we all ended up on the rug, falling asleep at 6 in the morning.Over time when I see Kiki and Koko sleeping on the rug it makes me smile because I always remember that night.These are a still from videos that Uncle Samir took while we were at work and he would babysit. We have a lot of videos of Kiki and Koko as babies but not as many as pictures.Sometimes I wish I was a cat so I could be able to sleep in all the positions possible. Falling asleep on my side is hard enough, image this move… Nope, not designed for humans.I have more pictures of Koko on the rug but this one is clear and you could actually see her cute little paws.I am always amazed at Kiki and Koko’s sleeping positions especially when they are together. It’s as if they mimic one another, truly are twins.