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Kiki and Koko Cats In Office Pictures

It has been a few months since Kiki and Koko were allowed to go into the office. The office has been piling up a lot of junk and papers and we know how much they love to snoop around. Another problem was the recliner. The minute they walk in they go underneath and we get worried that they will get stuck. I decided to clean the office and move the recliner away from the wall so the cats could go around. The minute I opened the door to let them in, Koko jumped on top of the recliner while Kiki went right under.

Kiki just loves trouble. She can fit under there fine but I just don’t want her to get hurt from the springs or put her paw where it should not be. Hopefully she will stop going under the recliner and move on to better things, oh I don’t know, maybe a chair or desk would be fine.