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Kiki and Koko Cats Enjoying Leftover Turkey

Right now Kiki and Koko eat BlueBuffalo dry cat food and it has helped Koko with her allergies dramatically. It not only helped Koko with scratching it also helped her grow her hair back and both of the cats have shinier and smoother coats. Now, we try to avoid other kind of food and give them wet food once a week as a reward. Their latest reward however was a big one! We tried roasting a turkey preparing something different for Thanksgiving this year and like the results. I will still bake it because it’s faster but it was worth the try. Anyway, we gave Kiki and Koko the leftover to enjoy before discarding it and throwing it outside for the wildlife to eat. Here are some pictures of Kiki and Koko cats enjoying leftover turkey.
Kiki and Koko eating turkey

I think they liked it. =) Oh, I am sure they enjoyed it.

Cats eating turkey

Once they were done the whole thing went into the backyard where the racoons, skunk, fox, and other animals got to enjoy some pieces of it. I even saw a squirrel enjoy a piece. I don’t know if that’s wrong but it didn’t look right. I didn’t want to waste the food or throw it in the trash so I rather that the wildlife eats it instead.

Let us sleep!

Kiki and Koko always come and surprise me in the cutest ways. This morning I could not sleep in the bedroom and was fussing over

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Koko Takes Over

Koko has a way of making everything hers… I guess in some way she has the right. We can’t eat in the kitchen table because

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