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First Week With 2 Kittens Only 8 Weeks Old

Day One
Kiki and Koko. The first day we bought them home they ran to the rocker leather chair and went right under. At just eight weeks old they were terrified to be in a new place without their mother or two brothers. After a few hours they finally came out and walked around but always finding comfort under the chair. The first night together with our tiny kittens was a pure nightmare! We put them in the largest bedroom to let them have as much space as they want and we to ‘sleep’. There was no sleep that night, none. By morning we were on the floor sleeping with them. It was a night to be never forgotten.

Day 2
The second day with our brand new attrition to our family was very…interesting. During the day they were more comfortable with us and walked around exploring every inch of the house. As soon as anyone knocked on the door or came in they ran for their security blanket, their rocking chair. When it was time for bed we decided to let all the doors of every room be open and let them roam around till they fell asleep. As we were getting settled in our bed, one kitten, then another jumped on top and started to scratch and bite us. Any flesh they saw, they wanted a piece of it. Needless to say, there was no sleep that night either.

Day 3
Kiki and Koko; sweet names for such wild and tiny kittens. Days with these two little sister kittens became easier, they ate, played, rolled around and found everything amusing. Watching television was nothing compared to playing with two small kittens. The nights were horrifying. We would cover every inch of our bodied with covers in the middle of the summer with no AC. We were afraid to turn on the Air-conditioner thinking they would get sick. Hey we were new to this! So during the night they would do their little routine of scratching and biting us until they fell asleep and we would be too afraid to move in fear their little biting ramp would start all over again. We gave them plenty of sleep, even though we were not getting any.

It has been a week, and the kittens have started to jump on my leather sofa! They have become way too comfortable with us and my brand new, six month old, brown leather sofa. They were jumping on it and flying in the air from one to the other like some Matrix kittens. I grabbed bed covers and tried to cover the sofa, but I knew it was useless. Nothing could stop these little angelic devils; this is the day they took over us. During the night they scratch and bit less now but have a habit of falling asleep on top of our heads and for some reason start licking our faces. I guess we are not clean and up to their standards.